Introducing Black Sheep Foods

The original plant-based lamb alternative

Our Process

Our Secret Sauce
Using analytical chemistry, we identified a group of compounds that give all gamey meats their flavor
I Think, Therefore I Lamb
We found non-animal sources for the compounds that give lamb its distinct flavor
The Message Is The Medium
We combine the flavor compounds with a juicy plant-based patty to create a lamb alternative that is much better for the environment and your health
1,176 Liters
of water saved for each Black Sheep Burger you eat instead of a lamb equivalent.
4.4kg of C02
reduction in carbon emissions every time you enjoy our plant-based lamb.
0.11 Acres
of agricultural land you save the world for each Black Sheep Burger.

Want a Taste?

We are currently looking to partner with restaurants and chefs. Contact us to learn more.

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Black Sheep Foods
438 Treat Ave,
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